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I have been in the Laboratory Animal Science Field for 27 years. I have cared for a variety of species over the years and have seen the caging industry grow and develop significantly for the improvement of animal welfare. Edstrom has significantly contributed to the advancement of animal care and husbandry efficiency with their continuous improvement in animal watering systems and facility monitoring systems. When I first started in the business, there really was no such thing as automatic watering for rodents. Most automatic watering for larger species consisted of homemade piping and yard hoses. Our first experience with automatic watering for rodents occurred in the early 1990's and we had our fair share of flooded cages, and I admit, I was very skeptical about continuing to use the system. However, Edstrom was there for us every step of the way, figuring out WHY we had valves that leaked. They analyzed each valve in question, sending us video tapes (I am really dating myself here!) of their evaluations. This evaluation helped them to develop better and better valves. Today, we have entire facilities on automatic watering systems and rarely have a faulty valve. I am the type of manager that when I find a company which supports our industry like Edstrom does, I am committed and loyal to that company. I know that Edstrom is going to continue to work to develop products that only increase the welfare of our animals and improve the efficiency of our staff. They are truly a customer service oriented company with employees that have worked in the field and understand the needs of the industry."

Robin M. Kavanaugh, Manager
The University of Georgia


The Division of Laboratory Animal Services at Georgia Health Sciences University (The Medical College of Georgia) currently has in service three Edstrom RO Water Systems (one RO-750 and two RO-250 Systems) as well as the Watchdog Environmental Monitoring System. We are extremely pleased with the performance of all these units. The Customer and Preventive Maintenance Services provided are exceptional, Edstrom's Technician's (both Installation and PM) are highly trained, knowledgeable and resourceful. On the very rare instance of a component failure, Edstrom's Customer Service and Help Desk is quick to respond to our needs and has even shipped parts on a Saturday for Monday delivery. I personally recommend Edstrom's Products and Equipment to any Animal Facilities seeking a durable, reliable and well engineered Animal RO Water System or Environmental Monitoring System which is backed by excellent Sales, Customer Service and Support."

Rennie Wolfe, Assistant Director Lab Animal Services
The Medical College of Georgia


Edstrom is one of the most responsive and helpful vendors that calls on me and I really appreciate their effort."

Kathy Klingensmith, Facility Manager