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I am very satisfied with Edstrom and their critical monitoring system. The company is very responsive in resolving issues. The training team is very patient educating new users. The technical team addresses questions with professionalism and clear explanations. The service representatives are very friendly and efficient. And the territory sales representative is very helpful, providing information and ensuring customer satisfaction. I especially value the communication piece of the Edstrom monitoring system. I can alert several people using various modes to convey alarms in the facility which initiates quicker response to issues. I can recommend the Edstrom products and services I have used with confidence."

Facility manager
Research University in Southeast US


"When I initially purchased the Edstrom Critical Monitoring System, I had no idea how valuable it would become for our facility. Not only does the system monitor the environment and watering system status throughout our two animal facilities, it has also been configured to monitor our four zebra fish systems. Our first zebra fish system was installed prior to the installation Critical Monitoring System. The only external monitoring available at that time was to use the alarm panel that monitored the facility perimeter. This was a very inefficient way to monitor the zebra fish systems as the panel often gave us false alarms. With the installation of the Edstrom system, we were able to use the zebra fish systems’ internal alarm points to create a contact on the Edstrom system control panel. When any one of three parameters; water flow, water temperature, and water level in the reservoirs, deviates from optimal ranges, the contact in the Watchdog panel is signaled and we are notified. As the zebra fish systems become more sophisticated, they are being equipped with better monitoring equipment, but I have continued to use the Edstrom Critical Monitoring System as our external notification system. It has been reliable and it is impossible for there to be a false alarm. With over 4,500 tanks of fish currently in use, it is imperative for us to closely monitor the four systems at all times."

Kay Stewart, RVT, RLATG, CMAR, Associate Director
Freimann Life Science Center at the University of Notre Dame