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I have responsibility for 9 sow farms with a total of 36,400 animals. We utilize Edstrom cooling in all of those farms. I was the farm manager at Wolf Farms when the initial testing of the Edstrom C-440S controller was done for Murphy Family Ventures. We got tremendous water savings using this system including the check valves in the spray nozzles. The controller is easy to program and easy to use."

Newton Carter, Production Manager
Murphy Family Ventures


The 30,200 sows that I oversee are all cooled in gestation using the Edstrom controller. 25,000 of those are also cooled in breeding and farrowing. The ability of the C-440S controller to sequence zones has allowed us to effectively cool sows while maintaining good water pressure. We find the Edstrom controllers to be very user friendly and extremely dependable."

Mark Spearman, Production Manager
Murphy Family Ventures


I have 2 nurseries with a total capacity of 5600 pigs. I have used Edstrom piglet nipples for 16 years. I have stayed with the Edstrom line because they save a lot of water due to the infrequency of leaks. They also save money because they very seldom need repairing. When repairs are necessary, they are simple and quick to do. For these reasons I believe they are the most cost effective nipple on the market."

Larry Swanda, Nursery Grower


We have been installing Edstrom nipple waterers for quite some time. We have been very pleased with the product because of the water savings obtained while maintaining pig performance. Edstrom nipple waterers not only have the best warranty of any drinker we have found but Edstrom has always been willing to furnish repair kits no matter what the circumstances. We are now somewhere between 95% and 100% Edstrom with our goal to be totally Edstrom.

We are now 100% Edstrom Nipple products in our nursery and finishing facilities and have been for a few years. We remain very satisfied with water usage, pig performance, and the Edstrom warranty. We have installed some cup waterers and insisted on the Edstrom Wet Feeder valves. The quality of pig performance and lack of leaks and maintenance on these nipples has been as good as the other Edstrom valves."

Larry Matthis, Production Manager/Nursery & Finishing
Murphy Family Ventures


In 2005 we tested the Edstrom C-440S controller in the gestation rooms of some of our sow farms. We found that through the ability of the Edstrom controller, with Smart Mode, to sequence through 4 zones and the use of check valves in the spray lines, we were able to dramatically reduce water usage. Our sows showed no loss in production. We will increase the number of farms that have the Edstrom C-440S controllers.

We are still extremely pleased with the Edstrom C-440S controller. We have been using the C-440S for 5 years now and we continue to be impressed with the ease of use and reliability of it. We have Edstrom cooling in the gestation rooms of practically all our farms and are now installing the C-440S in the farrowing facilities as well."

Greg Wulf, Senior Production Manager
Murphy Family Ventures


My responsibility is manager for Wolf Pack farms. Wolf Pack is actually 2 sow farms totaling 7800 sows. We also do the finishing for these farms on site.

We have Edstrom cooling in gestation, farrowing, and finishing. The precision of the Edstrom C-440S controller with the use of check valves has helped us greatly reduce both number and severity of shoulder sores. Before we installed the Edstrom cooling, we ran water on the sows using time clocks. Because of having to let the water run for too long and then the lines draining we were unable to keep the sows from getting too wet.

We are able to cool the sows efficiently using as little water as possible thanks to the sequencing feature of the C-440s and the utilization of Smart Mode, We like the fact that we can shorten the cooling cycle without manually resetting the controller. This makes management of the cooling process much easier.

The Edstrom Controllers are the most cost effective way to cool animals that I have seen."

Ellis Caston, Farm Manager
Wolf Pack Farms