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Feature Installation: Designing for the 'Next Generation' Facility
A New Site To See
New Valve Washing Tray
ISO Quality Standard
Welcome To The Edstrom Team

Feature Installation: Designing for the 'Next Generation' Facility

When a Fortune Global 500 pharmaceutical company developed their next generation vivarium concept, they re-examined all of the stereotypical design considerations that have been a part of laboratory architecture for decades. Their scientists evaluated the interactions between the various disciplines of researchers as well as the configurations of the animal accommodations in accordance with their stated husbandry objectives.

The results of their forward-thinking analysis are manifested in their newly constructed animal research facility. Radical new thinking in basic laboratory design also called for a renewed examination of the methods by which the subject animal population receives its critical supply of drinking water. The company’s engineers, having engaged Edstrom in several successful projects in previous laboratory constructions, recognized that Edstrom Industries would be the perfect partner to help conceive and develop a ground breaking approach to the water purification and delivery system for their new facility.


The design concept called for an alternative method based upon, but different from, their existing Automated Watering ‘flushing’ System (AWS). Laboratory design engineers calculated that flushing systems used about twice the volume of water as would a new recirculating system. Yet the available recirculation systems require considerable electrical energy to drive the pumps 24/7/365 that keep the water circulating. Edstrom engineers recommended a unique hybrid solution based upon an AWS capable of water recovery; a unique concept that Edstrom had envisioned but had not yet fully engineered or developed. The concept was approved and Edstrom worked closely with the company’s engineers to incorporate the system into the building infrastructure – the first of its kind.

The hybrid system operates by taking the typical Edstrom-designed on-line rack flushing system and directing reclaimable water into a capture/recovery tank for storage, briefly, until it’s needed to refill the system supply tank. From the recovery tank the water is treated with an activated charcoal carbon filter and an energy-efficient Edstrom Ultra filter which requires no pumps to operate. This hybrid system has proven to be highly successful in conserving of both energy and water. Since the recovery tank is not of a continuously recirculating design, the pumps only need to run when the RO calls for the supply tank to refill – not 24/7 as in a recirculating design. In addition, less water is being drained than in a standard flush system since a large portion of the water is being resupplied.


The innovative design of the laboratory building, with extensive use of glass walls on both the exterior and the interior office spaces, also called for a new method of installing the manifolds and room piping used to deliver the treated water. A further design consideration was that the system needed to deliver water to multiple floors of the building, and yet be flexible enough to enable easily movable and scalable header piping so that rooms could be repurposed for either office or cage space as requirements dictated. The environment within the building comprises a "multi-space" working concept, providing lab personnel with multiple working areas which may be, by turns, open, closed, private or collaborative.

Edstrom engineers tackled these difficult requirements with an ingenious approach to securing manifold and room supply piping with a specially designed standoff which was both secure yet repositionable. In addition, because the building was used to house a large variety of different species – each with varied water demands – the design of the watering system was critical to the success of the design concept. For example, in a program aimed at non-human primate enrichment, the watering system extended from cage to cage and into the common shared open rooms so that the animals could get water anywhere within the facility. The manifold system was designed for maximum flexibility to facilitate movement and changes in room usage and cage orientations. Another unique feature is an outside animal run located on the top floor of the building. The design features a pressure reducing station on the inside and heated pipes on the outside to prevent freezing.

Edstrom collaborated with the customer to deliver a flexible, resource-conserving, Automated Watering System which fits into the innovative new design concept for their next generation animal facility. The Edstrom hybrid watering and piping system provided the customer with an elegant, practical and cost-effective solution meeting all of their design objectives. Customer engineers and staff expressed their gratitude stating that their confidence in a partnership with Edstrom Industries was well rewarded with the unveiling of a showcase next generation facility.


A New Site To See

The new Edstrom website was officially launched on May 4, 2011 with a more intuitive graphical interface, improved navigation and enhanced search capabilities. Locate products and data by Market or Solution type, use the Support tab to locate Edstrom sales personnel and support offerings in your region via an interactive world map or visit our Resources area for access to white papers, newsletters, instructional materials, new product introductions and our calendar of events. Here you’ll also find the new Document Center with access to specifications and data sheets including information of importance to Architect and Engineering firms.

Curious about your peers’ experience with Edstrom products and services? Click on the Testimonials tab. With over four thousand installations in prestigious pharmaceutical, biotech, government and university research centers worldwide we have many diversified customers sharing their observations.

For our international customers, Edstrom has added dedicated multi-language pages which highlight our vivarium product categories in German, French and Chinese. We invite you to explore and to discover why Edstrom is the preferred vivarium partner for facilities around the world.


Stackable Drinking Valve Washing Tray

Easily transport and store up to 88 Edstrom A-160 valves, plus ensure proper handling through the tunnel/rack washing and cleaning process. Apply autoclave tape to the side of the tray for easy sanitization confirmation. The stackable stainless steel trays fit into a standard mouse cage, and four trays fit in an accessory basket.

ISO Quality Standard

Loyalty as documented in Edstrom Quality Policy:
"At Edstrom, Inc. the customer is the focus of everything we do. We strive daily to meet the changing expectations of our customers. Our systems, policies, and processes are designed and continually improved to achieve the ultimate goal of Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty."

With customer satisfaction as the backdrop to Quality at Edstrom, October 20, 2010 marked an evolution in our company. After three days of extensive auditing from QMI-SAI Global, we were notified of our recommendation for ISO9001:2008 certification. The recommendations came with no findings; a rare occurrence, especially considering the complexity of our processes.

Our success was predicated on our approach; a company-wide endeavor that involved everyone in the organization treating our interrelated processes as a system. We set our sights on receiving certification, but our overall goal involved building a best-in-class organization that others would use as a benchmark. And we succeeded.

Subsequent audits to our Quality Management System will be ongoing as we continue to measure our key processes.

Welcome To The Edstrom Team

James Wu
James Wu joined Edstrom in January of 2011 as Business Manager for South Asia. James graduated from the East China University with a major in Pharmaceutical technology and a Master’s Degree of Business Administration. James currently lives in Shanghai, China.

James worked for Baxter Shanghai more than eight years, contributing first to the success of the Quality Department and then to the Production Department. James also worked for more than 3 years with the Amsino Medical Device Co, Ltd, which has headquarters located in California.

James looks to expand the presence of Edstrom’ products and services in mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea and Vietnam.