We have been installing Edstrom nipple waterers for quite some time. We have been very pleased...
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Larry Matthis, Production Manager/Nursery & Finishing
Murphy Family Ventures

Green Initiative


The Edstrom Green Initiative

Edstrom Industries as a company has taken stock of the ways that our operations impact the environment both in the neighborhood where we design and manufacture our products and in communities across the country and around the world where customers employ our products.

The company-wide commitment to minimize our ecological footprint has resulted in a quantifiable reduction in Edstrom Industries’ own use of energy and natural resources. We now routinely tally the environmental gains from our Green Leaf Campaign in terms of trees saved, weight of electroplating chemicals reclaimed,  gallons of water and KW saved, and cubic yards of landfill averted. Equally important is that we continue to provide our customers with products that enable them to realize and quantify their own savings. The knowledge that our green investment pays dividends throughout our customer community is most inspirational.

Edstrom animal watering systems, whether recirculating, flushing or hybrid, are designed with energy and water conservation in mind. From filtration and reverse osmosis, through water delivery, our systems are engineered to minimize natural resource consumption.

Our engineers help customers ensure that the systems they specify align with stated energy and water conservation requirements. We’ll build a system that meets environmental, water quality, and animal welfare specifications exactly. It’s a commitment shared by the management and employees of Edstrom to continually look for opportunities to lower our environmental impact and that of our customers so that sustainability remains within reach.


The environmental benefits of Edstrom's Secure Shredding program with Iron Mountain� (January 2015 - December 2015):