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Handy Bottle Basket Filler

The Handy Bottle Basket Filler expedites the manual bottle filling process. Simply rest the filler over the empty bottles in the basket and turn the lever on or off. The filler operates at line pressure, so no pressure adjustment is required prior to use.

The Handy Bottle Basket Filler is compatible with any manufacturer's bottle basket. Simply provide the configuration of the baskets you use and Edstrom will tailor the filler to your needs. Both the filler frame and nozzles are made from durable 316 stainless steel. The silicone check disks within the nozzles are removable for easy cleaning. When not in use, the Handy Bottle Basket Filler can be conveniently stowed out of the way on the supplied stainless steel wall mount.

The Handy Bottle Basket Filler makes it easy to fill an entire basket of bottles in no time. Simply place the unit on top of the bottle basket and manually turn the lever to turn on the water. Once the bottles are filled turn the handle to turn off the water. Place on the next basket to be filled and repeat!
There are many varieties of bottle and basket combinations so we will tailor the design to match your bottle/basket configurations. When not in use simply hang on the wall. No more filling bottles one at a time at the sink.
The supplied 12-foot filler hose has a standard 0.5 inch (12.70 mm) female barb fitting for convenient connection to a faucet or in-house water supply. For more permanent connections, a 0.5 inch (12.70 mm) male fitting is also included.
• Light weight
• Frame and nozzles are made from 316 stainless steel
• Check disks are made from translucent silicone
• Silicone check disk in nozzle is easy to clean
• Hose connection can easily be threaded on a faucet
• Wall mountable when not in use
• Operates at line pressure -no water pressure adjustment is necessary
• BPA free hose is reinforced PVC with a 0.5 inch (12.70 mm) I.D.

Female 0.5 inch (12.70 mm) threaded barb fitting easily threads on a faucet, similar to a garden hose - universal connection

Male 0.5 inch (12.70 mm) threaded barb pipe fitting is included for a more permanent installation - this connection is made directly from the shutoff valve to the water source

The Handy Bottle Basket Filler stores neatly on the supplied stainless steel wall mount when not in use
When stored on the wall, the profile is approximately
7 inches ( 177.80) deep
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